Pitch Speed and Time Calculations


  1. Enter 2 distances in the Distance row, columns 1 and 2. ie 40 43 (or any you wish)
  2. Enter an MPH in the MPH row, column 1
  3. Enter a swing time in fraction of second, next to "Swing time" ie 0.15 to 0.20
    Swing time for a pro baseball player is approximately 0.15 seconds.
  4. Click on calculate

   Difference% Diff
Feet Per Second:    
Seconds Per Foot:    
Travel Time:  
Decision Time:
Feet traveled during decision time:  
Feet traveled during swing: Swing Time
Baseball Kinetic Energy:    
Softball Kinetic Energy:    

You must start your swing when the ball is at the distance from the plate, shown in the "Feet traveled during swing" box.

When the decision time is less than 0.175, the pitch becomes extremely difficult to hit.

Your brain and eyes need approximately 0.175 seconds to recognize the speed and direction.